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Have you ever noticed the tag, “A Division of West Music” on the Percussion Source Logo? Did you ever wonder what that actually means? Many people may not be aware of Percussion Source’s relationship with West Music, so let us enlighten you!

Who is West Music?

West Music was founded in 1942 as a retail store in Iowa City, Iowa and provided sales and repairs of musical instruments. Today, the company is a 200+ employee operation consisting of 6 retail stores in Iowa and Western Illinois. The physical stores feature a full line of band, orchestra, combo, piano, repair, general music, and music therapy services. Check out the full history here.

Did West Music buy Percussion Source? What’s the deal?

No. Percussion Source has always been affiliated with West Music since the beginning. In 1996, Percussion Source was created as a division of West Music to supply students, schools, and professionals. With the best concert, marching, world percussion equipment, and service in the industry! We continue with that goal today. We accomplish this through our team of percussionists dedicated to meeting all your percussion needs!

West Music, they sell recorders, right?

West Music is well-known across the nation as being the top supplier of general music education instruments and accessories. Everything from Orff instruments, recorders, tubanos, ukuleles, guitars, books, puppets, software, and much more! And just like how Percussion Source has actual percussionists on staff, West Music has actual musicians ready to take care of your needs. West Music also employs a full team of educational consultants that are great resources to you!

Rumor is West Music only sells general music items!

No! West Music and Percussion Source can handle all of your or your school’s musical needs. In addition to all the general music supplies, we also offer a full line of pro audio products such as microphones, speakers, amps, mixers, and accessories. If you are in the market for digital pianos or keyboards, we can take care of you! West Music also offers a full line of mariachi instruments and accessories.

My district lists West Music as a vendor but not Percussion Source, can I purchase from both?

If you are a regular Percussion Source customer, or a regular West Music customer, your account and information is all set up and we can help you place your next order. West Music and Percussion Source share the same tax information and purchase orders may be sent to either company. If Percussion Source is not listed as a vendor for your school district, please check to see if West Music is! If so, you are ready to place orders with Percussion Source!

Percussion Source and West Music not only have the best products for you but also have great resources and the staff to help you with your specific needs. So if you are in need of something other than percussion equipment, contact us and we would be happy to help you! If your district has questions or is requesting a W9 form, please email