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Pearl’s EM1 malletSTATION is one of the coolest new electronic percussion instruments from the past few years. It’s no mystery why this 3.0 octave MIDI mallet controller has caught the eye of players of all skill levels. But let’s face it, MIDI can be a complicated subject for those who aren’t well versed in music technology. The staggering amount of possibilities this tool presents can be a little overwhelming, and that’s just the software side of it! What about the hardware needed to make it all work? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. Let’s walk through this together…


Basic Home Kit

First, let’s start with the most basic set up. This kit is the bare bones of what you’ll need to utilize the features of the malletSTATION. After you’ve connected the unit to your controlling device (computer, phone or tablet) it will power on. Without connecting to an external speaker the sound will be run through your computer, phone, or tablet speakers. We thought you’d want a better quality of sound, so our kit includes a portable PA speaker and cable. You’ll also get 2 mounting posts and 2 durable tripod stands to provide a stable playing surface. Furthermore, we include a sustain pedal for vibraphone, timpani, chime dampening, etc. Lastly, you’ll get a portable trap table to keep everything you need within reach!

Club Kit

Are you planning to use your EM1 in an upcoming performance or gig? If so, you’ll probably need a bit more stuff. In the same vein as the Basic Home kit, we start off with the necessities. After that we add in a few accessories to keep your gear safe on the road and to take your performance to the next level. Result: the Club Kit.

In addition to the 2 post mounts and stands included in the Home Kit, we’ve added a protective case for the EM1 unit and stands. This kit adds an expression pedal in addition to the sustain pedal to utilize more of the MIDI features of the malletSTATION. Also, we’ve upgraded the portable PA speaker to a 12” Yamaha PA with a PreSonus USB audio interface, and all the necessary cables. In other words, you’re getting better sound quality and more control over your performance. Finally, use the portable trap tray to keep your device and audio interface close by for on the fly adjustments.

Marching Band/WGI Kit

But wait! What about adding the EM1 to your existing marching band, WGI, or indoor setup? We’ve got a kit for that too! Because the malletSTATION is easily mounted on any keyboard field frame, it is a great addition to your front ensemble.

We’ve included the post mounts, post arms and the field frame clamps to get your EM1 exactly where you want it. In addition, you’ll get the sustain pedal, expression pedal, and a case for the EM1 unit. The included audio interface should be used to connect your power source to the PA system already in use. If you’re not currently running a PA sound system and would like some help and advice on what you need to get started, just let us know! Finally, a trap tray is included with this kit too!


These kits don’t have what I need! What gives?

We realize that every performer and every playing situation is different. If these 3 kits don’t fit your needs, let us know. Maybe you want to add a mounted trap table or computer stand. Or you might prefer a switch pedal rather than an expression pedal. There are so many options available! We would love to work with you and use our knowledge to customize the perfect kit for you. Also, as a reminder, depending on the device you’re using as a power source (Mac, PC, iOS, Android) you may need a USB adapter that is not included in these kits. Always be sure to let us know what you are intending to use as a power source so we can help you find the proper adapter.

We Are Here For You!

In short, we’ve put these malletSTATION kits together to make it easy to open the box, set it up and play. As a result, you can start making music now! We’ve taken away the worry of having everything you need to get started so you can focus on simply enjoying your new instrument.