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Hot off the press from Offworld: the Darkside and BYOS practice pads!  Check out this video to learn more about these brand new practice pads.

Darkside Practice Pad

Constructed from birch, Offworld’s Darkside pads with their famous DarkMatter playing surface measures just over 11”. These are a bit larger than the Visitor (8”) series. Darkside pads are available with 2 surface options, Plain or VML laminate surface. The VML or vinyl/mylar laminate comes in 3 color options, Black, Gunmetal, and Blue Cameleon.

BYOS Practice Pad

Next, The new BYOS pads are constructed on a Birch base and feature a cool gray rim. Along with their DarkMatter playing surface, the BYOS pads is a bit larger than the Darkside pads measuring in at 11 ½”.

These pads are also available in the 3 VML colors: Black Gunmetal, Blue Chameleon, and


Aurora Series Pucks

Check out this innovative new way to customize your practice pad!

Utilizing magnets and an interchangeable “puck”, calibrate the feel and sound of your pad to suit your every need. With ease, Each Aurora Series Puck twists out of the pad to quickly change to a different puck for a new sound. The puck sounds include snare, sound dampening, shaker, and jingle.

There are 3 styles of pads are available that utilize the Aurora Series Pucks.

  • BYOS – New!
  • Darkside – New!
  • Visitor

Offworld Aurora Series Puck Options

Aurora Snare Puck

A fully adjustable snare sound with as much or as little “sizzle” as your ear desires. Features a more musical tone than the rocky “crunch” of the Aurora Shaker.

Aurora Dampener Puck

Think quiet. This dampener offers a bit more silence than having no puck at all. Featuring a felt bottom, it will rest flat on any smooth surface.

Aurora Shaker Puck

The Shaker offers a bit more “crunch” than the Aurora Snare puck. The Aurora Shaker contains metal beads for a unique sound. Think Maracca! Hot tip: you can even use this puck as a maraca in a pinch.

Aurora Stand Puck

Use this to connect to stand to create a stable platform for your Aurora Series practice pad in a snap. A quick TWIST unlocks the hold and lets you take your pad with you while the puck remains attached to the stand. Additionally, this puck features a neoprene bottom so you can play it laying flat on any surface. Available for us with an 8mm threaded cymbal stand or a ¼-20 stand.

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