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Have you ever wondered how your favorite percussion artists got to where they are? Do you have questions about what goes into creating a signature artist line of mallets? To answer these questions, Innovative Percussion sits down with artists like Sandi Rennick, Pius Cheung, and Mark Ford to discuss their musical backgrounds and philosophies in the new “IP Artist Stories” series. As a result, we learn about mallet selection and use with artists such as Casey Cangelosi and William Moersch. Even more, we catch a fun glimpse at the friendship between Pius Cheung and Casey Cangelosi. 

Below, check out the 5 videos that they’ve released so far and let us know which one your favorite artist is and why! Furthermore, all of these signature lines are available from Percussion Source. Above all, our team is here to help you choose which mallet model might be right for you! 

Innovative Percussion’s Mark Ford Series mallets come in two different lines, both for solo marimba! 

Strong Legato Series

Rhapsody Series

Innovative Percussion’s Casey Cangelosi series mallets feature birch handles with a bamboo blended cord around a rubber core. Additionally, the two softest mallets are also available with a yarn wrap. 

Casey Cangelosi Series

Innovative Percussion’s William Moersch series mallets feature polished birch handles with yarn wrapped cores. Models 501-504 have a synthetic core. Alternatively  models 511-514 have rubber cores. 

William Moersch Synthetic Core

William Moersch Rubber Core

Innovative Percussion’s Pius Cheung series mallets are available with birch and rattan handles. They feature rubber cores wrapped in an alpaca blend yarn. Also available as a graduated set of 4! 

Pius Cheung Rattan

Pius Cheung Birch

Innovative Percussion’s Sandi Rennick series mallets are durable enough to withstand the rigors of the marching percussion idiom. Marimba mallets feature a birch handle with a uniquely weighted, yarn wrapped core. Xylophone and Vibraphone mallets feature rattan handles with a synthetic cord head. 


Sandi Rennick Birch

Sandi Rennick Rattan

Innovative Percussion’s Signature Series mallets are uniquely designed, hand tested and approved by the artists themselves. This allows you to play what the pros play. For more Innovative Percussion sticks, mallets and accessories visit our website,!