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Let’s face it, buying new instruments can be a huge expense. Teachers have to try and stretch that budget as much as possible. Students and performers are also working from a limited budget but still need their own concert snare for that audition or that marimba to finally start gigging on their own. Does anyone really want to take out another loan? So when it comes time to make these purchases, wouldn’t it be nice to save some money? Percussion Source can make it happen!

Every year there are hundreds of music conventions, conferences, trade shows, and performances that require a lot of instruments. Instruments used at these shows are typically brand new from the manufacturer and are there for demonstrations, clinics, or performances. But did you ever wonder where the gear comes from? What happens to it after this show? This is where Percussion Source can save you money.

Percussion Source has become an expert in obtaining demo gear from shows at discounted pricing. Our strong relationships with all the top manufacturers such as Pearl/Adams, Yamaha, Majestic, Black Swamp, Marimba One, Grover, and others allow us to acquire these instruments at fantastic pricing and pass those savings on to our customers.

What Kind Of Instruments Are We Talking About?

Many of the instruments we get as demos are large concert percussion items. Throughout the year, you can usually find timpani, marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, bass drums, concert toms, and snare drums on our Used and Demo page. Likewise, we are often able to obtain hardware used at shows and are always on the lookout for drum stands, trap tables, and other hardware. Because our Used and Demo page features everything you could ever need, check back often!

Are These Instruments Previously Owned?

One key note about the demo instruments and gear that we offer is that these instruments are NOT previously owned. In fact, these instruments are brand new and brought to the show by Percussion Source or the manufacturer. In order to maintain quality, items are always un-boxed and re-boxed by one of the manufactures representatives or a Percussion Source employee. At that time, special care is taken to note if there are any issues with the instrument or if different heads were installed. Because of the slight use and open box status, these like-new instruments have unbeatable pricing.

Another great reason you should feel confident in purchasing one of our demo instruments is that they all come standard with the full factory warranty. Both Percussion Source and the manufacturer stand by these instruments and should you find any faults or issues. We take care to resolve any issues right away with any purchase.

How Do I Purchase Or Reserve One Of These Items?

So now that you feel confident and happy about saving money on a new instrument, you might be wondering how to find your new gear? The first place to check will always be the Used and Demo page on Here we keep an up-to-date inventory of gear that is ready to ship out now or gear that we are trying to pre-sell for an upcoming show. But what if you don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us at to see if anything might be available soon. We will work with manufacturers on upcoming events and do our best to get you what you need for an excellent price.

Need another option? If you are a frequent attendee to some of the shows Percussion Source is at, we can give you the option of taking your instrument home with you right from the show! This saves you both time and shipping expenses. Percussion Source staff is well-trained and proud of our packing ability to get that set of timpani into the back of your school minivan. It will fit!

What Shows Does Percussion Source Attend?

There are many shows throughout the year that we typically get our gear from. Some of the special events include PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention), The Midwest Clinic Band and Orchestra, Illinois Music Education Conference, Iowa All-State Conference, Iowa Band Masters Association, Wisconsin Music Education Conference, and many more!

So be sure to check out our Used and Demo page first when considering purchasing a new instrument. You can get a great instrument at a great price!