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Competitive marching percussion is a lifestyle. Built to Compete (BTC) captures the essence of marching percussion through video and print content to inspire and inform players all over the world to perform at the highest level. Built to Compete is brought to you by D’Addario & Company brands Evans and ProMark. This short video captures the essence of competitive marching percussion.

Built to Compete Magazine

If you haven’t seen the Built to Compete Magazine, you are in for a treat. Graphically stunning, BTC is more than a buyers guide featuring marching percussion products from Evans and ProMark. Built to Compete: Issue 01 includes articles from well-known competitive marching percussion directors and designers to inform your product knowledge on cutting edge gear. Contributors giving expert advice include Scott Johnson, Mike Jackson, Andrew Markworth, Veronica Wicks, Kevin Shah, Mike McIntosh, and Tony Nunez. You may download this resource from D’Addario Percussion here.

Built to Compete Videos

In the following video, learn how Rhythm X’s 2019 show was inspired by the Netflix show Chef’s Table.

Scott Johnson began performing at the age of 4. Find how he turned that early passion into becoming one of the world’s most sought after marching percussion clinicians in the video below.

ProMark Products

Scott Johnson Marching Sticks

Scott Johnson marching snare sticks

Marching Snare Sticks include a medium taper and full bead offering a wide range of dynamics.

Scott Johnson Light Marching Snare Sticks

Light Marching Snare Sticks ave a lighter feel with robust projection. Great for players with smaller hands!

“ScoJo” rubber tipped sticks are great for practice and achieving a muted, yet articulated sound on marching snares or tenors.

Scott Johnson Scooter

“Scooter” provides a unique half tip design for precise articulation across indoor or outdoor settings. 

Tim Fairbanks FireGrain

FireGrain Marching Snare Sticks feature a long 4-1/4″ taper and rear taper at the butt end producing a great balance and feel.  

Sean Vega Tenor Sticks

Marching Tenor Sticks feature the feel of a snare stick with the sound of a tenor mallet.

Andrew Markworth

Vibraphone Mallet Series Each mallet in the series has been designed with the needs of the performer in mind, and features the perfect blend of tone, projection, durability and feel.

Marimba Mallet Series  Featuring 1-1/4″ round cores wrapped in yarn, providing full tone at all dynamics.

Evans Products

System Blue Marching Snare Drum Head Featuring a softer feel yet maintains the tonal clarity and projection necessary for a championship winning drum corps. 

Hybrid-S Marching Snare Drum Head Available in 13″ and 14″, the Hybrid-S delivers a warm and full sound with superior snare response.

Hybrid White Marching Snare Drum Head This drum head offers the drum corps sound while allowing an easier feel and touch off the drum.

Hybrid Grey Marching Snare Drum Head The grey version produces a slightly softer feel and warmer sound quality.

Hybrid Snare Side Available in 13″ and 14″ heads, it produces the sound and sensitivity of a polyester bottom head with the resistance to stretch.

MX5 Snare Side offers a quick snare response, minimal overtones, and a bright tone. This 14″ snare side head contains an aramid fiber/polyester laminate film for maximum snare response.

System Blue Tenor Drum Heads Available in sizes 6″- 14″, featuring a unique film combination with Sound Shaping Technology (SST).

If you are a marching percussionist, you can get started in following Built to Compete by downloading the Built to Compete: Issue 1 to gain expert advice from top marching percussion directors, improve your product knowledge through gear guides, and be inspired through the stories of teams including the Blue Devils, Centerville, Aracadia, and RCC. After downloading the guide, follow Built to Compete on Instagram @daddariopercussion.