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It’s marching band season, and we know you have been working hard! That’s why, at Percussion Source, we have picked out our favorite marching must-haves. This essential gear is here to help you sound even better, and have a fun and successful season!

1. 14″ Practice Pad

Percussion Source and Ahead Products have teamed up to offer this limited edition Percussion Source Practice Pad. This pad was developed to recreate the unique performance characteristics of marching snare drums so that Marching Band, Winter Guard, and Drum Corps drummers can improve their techniques without the potentially damaging volume, sonic frequencies, and muscle fatigue often associated with high-tension drums. The practice pad features a hard carbon-fiber surface and a snare effect for a sound and feels like that of a tightly-tuned head on a marching snare drum. Our 14″ pad also includes an S-Hoop counter hoop for real rim shots and cross-sticks, and a padded bottom so that it can be placed on top of a standard 14″ drum during indoor or outdoor drills.

2. Rotating Rail Clamp

The Pearl PCX300 Rotating Square Accessory Extension Clamp will mount to 1.5″ sqaure Adams Field Frame Crossbars and Pearl Icon Drum racks. This accessory clamp will lift standard drum, accessory, and cymbal holders up to 6″ from the main mounting rail. The rotating clamps at both the rail and accessory mounts give unique options between Pearl’s many 7/8″ mounting bases, allowing tom and cymbal mounts to work together for unparalleled function and form.

3. 1″ Vinyl Stick Tape

Our premium 1” Vinyl Stick Tape comes to you in 66-foot long rolls to last you all season long, making this a seriously necessary marching must-have. You will like this tape because it is thicker than standard electrical tape, and so it will protect your sticks from damage. The result will give your hands a better feel, in addition to increased longevity of the tape and your sticks.

4. High Tension Drum Key


The Vic Firth VICKEY2 High Tension Drum Key provides the added leverage needed to tune drums in any high-tension environment. The special plastic grip conforms nicely to the hand, adding a significant degree of comfort while tuning.

On the field or on the stage, convenience and portability is a must. With that thought in mind, the new Vic Firth High Tension Drum Key comes with a convenient carabiner for easy clip-on accessibility. Attach the key onto a stick bag, backpack or a belt loop, and it’s within reach at moment’s notice.

While surely a great choice for tuning high tension marching drums, drum set players will also enjoy this new key, especially for quick head changes! One key to rule them all!

5. HiHat Mount

The Tama MC8ZHH Marching Hi-Hat Attachment with Hoop Grip is the simplest way to add a hi-hat to your drumline. When you purchase this product, you receive the ZHH Closes Hi-Hat Z-Rod Attachment, Hi-Hat Clutch and Washers, and the MC8 Hoop Grip. This attachment from Tama works with just about any counter hoop available on the market!

Are You Looking For More Marching Must-Haves?

Percussion Source not only has the best marching must-haves and percussion products; we also have great resources and knowledgeable associates to help you with your specific needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call 866-849-4387.